Responding To Disasters Should Be A Libertarian Call To Arms

We have seen plenty of “unforeseen events” change a company’s fortunes for the better. Nassim Nicholas Talib might have talked about a few of these events in The Black Swan. Someone jumps on an opportunity and finds themselves in a great position to make money/gain influence.

I had missed one of those events that I had listed in my notes, The Freshwater Fury of 1913. Yes, this is in the rear view by over 100 years. The short and ugly is that a freak storm caused several ships to wreck/run aground seeing damages nearing USS129 million. My “inspiration” from this is the fact that someone made money from it or a company got their “jump” from it.

Fast forward to modern day, someone has found a way to capitalize after a disaster. New Orleans became a free for all when it came to the drug game post Katrina. In the less than lethal environment, Amazon and logistics giants made a sweet dime during the “human induced” Covid-19 debacle. The opportunity is there.

I want the Libertarians among me to not hide in their academic bunkers or bitcoin castles but to seize a glorious moment. We can easily gain converts and influence as the Limousine Democrats squabble. Don’t worry, the same is said about the moral narcissists backed up by petty tyrants in our communities. Voluntary action and heartfelt sentiments mean more. (And sure-as-hell put in motion at a local level, instead of in a K Street building near the desolate hell hole named D.C.).

It doesn’t have to be about money but influence. Many soulless shit heels behind major tech companies claim to be “uber woke” and throw their money around but only help keep people in a form of slavery. We can empower others to do better for themselves and not for advertising reasons. We can make dollars and/or disciples. This should be a palatable call to arms.


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