Let It Bleed For Christmas Eve

Outside of highlighting the Pope’s asking for peace in 1939, I had two things of some historical (or borderline libertarian) focus.

One was that President Trump is currently stirring up the maelstrom by pardoning political entities that had found themselves foul of “the law”. It wasn’t surprising that he would “do a solid” for his son-in-law’s dad. (I personally think that the Kushners are the kind of people I would not want to be associated with. Some people would call them wealthy trash, but I would hold off on that until after some other wealthy guy pays for them to get stabbed at a federal lockup).

My main focus wasn’t that a few connected people got a do over from the President. The main focus was that my previous commentary about pardons being a shit show stand true. If his pardons weren’t of the stereotype variety, he would use his pardons/commutations to strike at his enemies. (Snowden, Assange, Kiriakou, and a few other journalists that ran afoul of a few federal laws would be a great start). I even made the argument that a few people could slide through the cracks to deal with BLM/riot affected communities by pardoning Mack, Hoover, Garvey, Brown, and Herron. To curry favor and sew discontent, I would encourage President Trump to pardon everyone involved with the HealthSouth scandal, Duke Cunningham, former Lt Gov. Villa Gomez, Don Siegelman, Tony Mack, among others. I didn’t want to forget my original purpose in writing this article: Some men just want to watch the world burn. Pardon/commute Russ Albricht, Lenny Dykstra, Al Capone, Eugene Debs, Willie Aikens, among others.

The purpose behind this is to stick it to the people that tried to serve him “up” in a few investigations. I’m sure that President Trump doesn’t have any other political aspirations left (and I’m sure that people are too worried about Kim Kardashian’s ass to remember this when one of President Trump’s kids runs for office).

The second piece of this posting was acknowledgement of when Ferdinand de Lesseps statue was blown up in Egypt on December 24, 1956. This sounds of minimal importance but it reminded me of a conversation I once had. I was reminded that many outside influences are the people that see something great in something that you might be squandering. I made the argument that the Suez Canal probably wouldn’t have ever been built if it weren’t for De Lesseps and a few vision minded investors. (I’m glossing over the loss of life in its construction). The Pharaoh’s had their run with the Ancient canal system. But there was no call from Abbas 1 and Pasha Said got the idea for the canal from “all things French”. In 1956, the Canal was nationalized. The statue being blown up was a signal of the start of a raid.

The warning in the story was that we often see someone else’s vision and hard work taken away by those that never had vision (or put in limited effort) for the project. I warn those among me to not become the butthurt or to be green with envy. Create your own projects and build the grandiose. Fight for the end of licensures, zoning, and petty bureaucracies if you must commit to a raid.




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