A Few Of My Favorite Things: Christmas 2020 Edition

For this Christmas, I wanted to share a few of my favorite things this year. It might have been a bleak year for many and the election was a monumental shitshow. I had been blessed.

Ex girlfriends and wives: My ex gf’s taught me many things in hindsight. I learned many of my personal errors and how I failed to create healthy boundaries. The knowledge I had to spread to others from our interactions is that you should feel great when you say “no”. Brutal honesty is above soft lies.

 Stick your neck out if you want to “win”. I had seen a few things not pan out. But I had seen small gambles pay out. I have seen some awesome things and met new people.

I have seen the fighting spirit come out in people. People fear that new leaders are non existent but I have seen the best come out in people. (Mostly due to the lockdowns). I feel that one day they will show that those that we “pay” to live our lives for us are doing a shitty job and that we need to take the reigns of our own lives.

The ‘Rona helped push many beancounters and desk jockeys into the home office. This reinforces my idea that there are few actual essential people running most businesses. I like driving into work and seeing empty parking spaces.

Apoliticism. Two sides to the same coin doesn’t stop the coin from being shitty. Think about it and free yourself from the “two evils” paradigm.

Tits and Ass. Not in the Instagram jack your junk way. Im talking about the 90s way. You can enjoy looking and be thankful for a work of visual art.

People among me are artists. I know painters, commentaryists, writers, athletes, and visionaries. They are fighting against a cultural dark age. I salute you, friends.

Shitty “talent” hanging it up. It doesn’t matter if what medium. I have seen well paid “stars” burning out and throwing in the towel. When your relevance dies…

Silence. It was once loud and I used to drown it out. Now, I am thankful for it. I like sharing it with others.

The right kind of failure. It isn’t being a loser but the gift in my life that I was given when the standard path failed. Others were given a paved road but I am starting to love my cross country skiing trail.

The small celebrations. The people around me and their great news. Small victories amongst stupidity and sadness.

I didn’t include the fact that Sportsball stopped meaning anything to me. It is a distraction to all.

Make 2021 great, no matter who is not at the helm. Get laid, listen to music, pray and enjoy yourselves.

——Mogadishu Matt , World’s Greatest Lover & Friend to Many


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6 Responses to A Few Of My Favorite Things: Christmas 2020 Edition

  1. Gunner Q says:

    Merry Christmas, Matt!

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  2. Excellent post. I agree that 2020 was very educational, if you were paying attention, but let’s all have a happier, if less edifying 2021.

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  3. Excellent piece, Matt. Merry Christmas!


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  5. Roman says:

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas.

    Yes, sometimes I feel like I’m fighting against the tide in this cultural dark age. But it’s a fight worth giving my life to.

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