The Best You Ever Had Is A Terrible Outlook

I had been digging around in the depths of blogs and forums a short time ago. Although I am aware of the troll level of vitriol that is thrown around by the anonymous people of the internet world, I found a critique that was profound. A person brought up the fallacy of “the best I ever had” saying that is thrown around by a few well-meaning people.

               This phrase was specifically describing a sexual partner in this instance. A few commentators were correct when they mentioned the fallacious nature of this logic. (I personally believe that you shouldn’t get around or spray your genetic material in the wind, but I won’t stop you from participating in these activities). It is a silly idea and hard to measure, considering there isn’t much scientific measurement of what a good lay is.

               My issue with “the best I ever had” is the idea that most people are giving up early in the ball game, stopping themselves from trying to improve or even being the best themselves. The weird part is that they adopt this borderline defeatist attitude for other things in their lives. It bleeds over to their jobs and to the main point of today’s post: politics.

               I have seen conservatives and libertarians, (not discounting the “conservatarians” and various libertarian subdivisions), almost “surrender” when they think that “X” president is the best they have done. They rest on the same five politicians that seem to believe in limited government. We seem to drop our hands when someone “marketable” strokes our base needs. The sad part is that we lose focus in that we should still become self responsible and govern our own actions at the smallest level possible.

               The best you ever had is only determined on your death bed and depending on your spiritual outlook, the best you ever had can be in your after life. In the mean time, you should always shoot for better. It doesn’t matter if it is your sexual or political best. The best is yet to come when you want better.


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2 Responses to The Best You Ever Had Is A Terrible Outlook

  1. ruralcounsel says:

    I was reminded of analogous use of the phrase in the movie “Fury.” There it was said in terms of their jobs as tankers in WW2 Europe, and said with more than a little trace of sarcasm, but with what seemed to me to be a certain recognition of an unspoken truth. It seemed to come up just after they’d survived some horrific encounter. I suspect that in our DNA is coded that the ultimate experience is destroying one’s enemies and living through it.

    Context is everything.

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