Wounded Knee Massacre Is A Reminder of What Your Government Is Capable Of

The Wounded Knee Massacre happened on this date (December 29) in 1890. Many people, outside of native circles, know the importance of this day. You should know this as a warning that your government may not have your best interests at heart.

Cut to the chase, The US Army massacred over two hundred Lakota men, women, and children. The original purpose leading up to the massacre was the ongoing process of disarming the Lakota. (Mostly white settlers got spooked because of the Lakota’s Ghost Dance, thinking it was a warning of an upcoming attack).

Your government won’t stop. They will find a reason to do something. And they will reward those that take your life over something like this.

Many people among me think that the government will respect their religion and allow for them to worship in peace. The government didn’t allow for the Lakota to do the Ghost Dance. The government doesn’t care about your prayers.

The government can easily hide behind the courts and their shitty interpretation of the Constitution. The government can send armed thugs to stop you. The armed thugs have qualified immunity and can do plenty of shitty things. Punching old ladies and tasering someone with a heart condition isn’t that far off of their capabilities.

You say that this isn’t the modern world, it is. But they have seized peoples homes just to give the land to a developer. They can shoot you and largely stay unaccountable. And as of lately, they tell you that it is good for you to avoid your church and family. (This within itself is madness not unlike what cults do).

Please look up various books/articles about Wounded Knee, Waco, among other American tragedies. It easily could be your group next.


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2 Responses to Wounded Knee Massacre Is A Reminder of What Your Government Is Capable Of

  1. Gunner Q says:

    Sadly, that ability to wield power in absence of responsibility is exactly what makes government authoritarianism desirable to way too many fools. Everybody loves a winner and the promise of being protected forever… but the smart people wake up and go out to earn their food.

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