Take The Win, Don’t Be Bashful, It is Yours, Bow and Carry On

Being a few days off, I was scrounging my notes for a some what positive subject to write about. I was discouraged by the rain outside of my window. I had seen a few people feeling kicked and obviously half of the world is still dealing with “the vid”. Various events that would drag someone down. The pay dirt was found in history.

We are often quick to downplay our victories. We are loathed to admit that we are winning. We say that “it is not a big deal”, while we should say “I’m happy with the result”.

The ironic lesson from history was the Dutch fleet being captured in 1795 by the French during the Napoleonic War of the First Coalition. A French cavalry unit captured their fleet that was frozen in ice, making it accessible by the cavalry.

Yes it is usually up to another ship/ships to defeat navies. I don’t think that the French were bashful with their victory. They were happy to chalk up the “W” when it was handed to them. I would make the argument that they didn’t make try to talk anyone out of an offered congratulations by saying “eh; it was the weather”. If you were in their shoes, I hope that you would accept a free beer instead of running your mouth.

I don’t think it is boastful to tell someone that you won. You can enjoy it and be thankful for something that went in your favor or a connected ally that came in the clutch for your side.

Enjoy that winning trifecta in a horse race, you picked the winners. You rolled your rig into the parking lot with a few seconds to spare. Your opponent submitted via armbar, not because they were sick of the match, but because your preparation put you into the win column. The gambling nut was made. (It wasn’t the divine providence, you did something to put the win in your hand).

Keep your chins up. Take the “w”. Move on.


(Various material and references borrowed from the above link).


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