Work and life can take you on a strange trip. Enjoy the visuals.

Although I often wonder what I got myself into, life has been decent. Work is bizarre and beyond the watered down shitberg desk existence. I found myself doing something I hadn’t dreamed of and it was a blast. (Like an airport event crisis actor, it was a blast but I was paid well. I filled in a position despite not having experience doing it.). I might have secretly been pining for the warmer shore of the Atlantic Ocean hideyhole I used to live in, but I found the silver lining to the cold.

I took a job not knowing that much of what I would be doing and who I would be working with. Short of a short meeting and even more brief emails, I hadn’t a clue. I knew it was during a slow and quiet time of the year. I knew it was two steps away from BFE. It was too short of a distance to fly and somewhere I had passed through during a previous long journey. It was detour of certain proportions.

I had started off on the one job, enjoying being stationary, surrounded by a few other polite, intelligent people. Getting things to work and get people in the right place during the right time was trying. It was a dance of convulsive dreams. My little job came in for the clutch a few times. I was glad to help. Then many of the involved people started disappearing.

It started with one or two people being booked at another job. No foul but some of the “not quite engaged” people were borrowed to fill in some other spots. The good willed shit show director told me that they were always shorthanded and begged whoever they could to fill in. For the most part, I found out that I was a somewhat redundant person toward the end. I got to fill in for one of the missing people.

Yes, it got cold. It was foggy and wet. But I found a gold mine. The folks I worked with had a great attitude for being stuck out where we were. I had a few hilarious discussions with folks. We cracked jokes with someone I had previously had dinner with. Kicking rocks and mud around.

I ended up having some current events discussions with a somewhat maligned coworker. It was a hoot and it was all in good fun. As we walked around, I looked at the rocks used for the road. There were some interested metamorphic types rocks and sedimentary types near a washed out gully. I was making sure I knew where my feet were going. I followed them into a crossroads. I was kicking at a strangely colored rock. It wasn’t a rock, it was an unused machine gun blank.

Work and life can take you on a strange trip. Enjoy the visuals.


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