The Case For Quashing Old Beefs: Casting Away Bitterness

Backed up by a historical example, I remembered a great idea that I found that has helped me greatly.

I had been a bitter person for a while. I had two co-conspirators rat on me when I had a great system together to avoid flak and minimize pain. I had a chick lined up to go with me to prom and she flaked out because she thought I was joking. I had all sorts of stupid things happen and people let me down.

The big lesson was that I was hurting them the same as I was hurting myself when I hung on to these old beefs. It didnt serve anyone. The offenses werent of the huge variety. (No one was covering for crimes or hurt me physically).

It was better off if I let these people go and grow. It didnt make sense to be bitter anymore. We could be adults instead of wallowing in the shadow of what we were.

I’m not much of a inspiration speaker but I think it makes good sense to clean out the old useless shit in your psyche. It is added weight that we cant afford to hang on to.

Ive known people that hung on to this kind of crap and they arent growing. They are inhabiting run down trailer parks and living with their “momma”. They arent getting shit. They are bitter.

To end this with a bang, quash your old beefs. Dont fester. Let people move on with this minor shit.


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