Screen Door Submarines: A Tribute To My Polish Family

Contrary to the title. I am not here to insult the Polish but I am here to celebrate them. I think they get a hard label. Their people have fought through some of the wporld’s hardest times.

I had written a piece on the much maligned French and how many of them were some of the most fervent fighters when their government went into hiding (and yes, when a portion of their government capitulated/cast their lots).

I wanted to highlight some of the best examples of the best of our Polish brothers .

I had mentioned many times about Jan Sobieski who led the Winged Hussars on to the battle field and was hailed as “the savior of Western christendom”. (Yes, thank god for Sabaton).

Few remember Witold Pilecki, Army intelligence officer, who purposely got captured and put in a concentration camp, just to escape and create his name sake report. This report gave us the first large glimpse of the horrors of Nazi’s concentration camp system. He later volunteered as a common soldier, hiding his background, in the Warsaw Uprising.

Yes, one must not forget the Warsaw Uprising. One of the ugliest and largest resistance movements undertaken (in a military sense). The Polish people in Warsaw saw their city demolished for the most part

To move on to our modern times, Im avoiding “ya boy” St JP II. That is a personal and special family mention. I did want to mention the Polish JW Grom (special missions unit) that kicked some ass during the Battle of Umm Qasr, which featured some vicious fighting for a port, which would be used further during the Iraq War, in 2003.

I have never made it to Poland but I would be amiss if I didn’t find one of the statues of the Mermaid of Warsaw, which I discussed with a friend before. It might not count as a person or a significant part of Poland but I dont know that many American cities protected by a mermaid.

I could drag on but I wont. The next time you tour a Polish submarine, forget the screen door. It isnt there.

But when you get a chance, salute the people who brought us kielbasa, thank you Polish friends!


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3 Responses to Screen Door Submarines: A Tribute To My Polish Family

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  2. Roman says:

    The Polish gave us Chopin, who I personally rank as my favorite pianist ever. I’ve ripped him off more than any other pianist.

    I learned about that statue last year. Maybe from you.

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