Libertarianism in Pictures (Reblog)

H/T to DJ Mitchell for our reblog,


I love these pictures. This is the kind of stuff I wish I could hand out in a coloring book form to idiot rednecks and little kids.

I think that people are in denial of what government has done and what they are doing.

Read DJM’s article below and enjoy some sadness and hilarity.


Libertarianism in Pictures

January 31, 2021 by Dan Mitchell

Since yesterday’s column showed “Statism in Five Images,” I feel obliged to provide equal time and now do the same thing for libertarianism.

We’ll start with an accurate depiction of how libertarians compare to other ideologies (similar to the triangle I created back in 2019).

If you prefer a shorter way of describing libertarians, this image is a decent summary.

By the way, if you want to know whether you’re a libertarian, just take one of these quizzes.

And, if you get a high score, you don’t necessarily have to become a weird libertarian. Like the guy in this image.

It’s better to be the kind of libertarian (you have 24 choices) who gets into pointless arguments.

For what it’s worth, I’m the type of person who became a libertarian simply because I don’t like the inanefoolishcorruptdestructive, petty, nonsensicalwasteful, and brainless decisions of politicians and bureaucrats (both in America and abroad).

So you can see why this is my favorite image from today’s choices.

If you want other humorous but serious visual depictions of libertarianism, click herehere, and here.

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1 Response to Libertarianism in Pictures (Reblog)

  1. Lexet Blog says:

    It’s controlled opposition meant to condition its adherents to worship corporate slave masters.

    When looking at political charts, it’s best to link it to communism. Both systems prioritize the economic value over all else.


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