The FreeMatt in Review: 1-1 to 1-5

Go for a run. If you can’t, crawl. In the meantime, check out this week’s FreeMatt in Review

Pursuit of Personal Sanity and Peace (along with financial stability)

Aaron Clarey pulls a “John Stockton” and adds to a message in how to live a great life.

Do Not Fetishize Which Is Grossly Erroneous To Begin With

Read the title. It is dangerous to fetishize (or worship) which is immensely flawed to begin with.

The Matters w/ Matt: Loose Lips Sink Relation-ships

I share a story about how I dealt with a snitch and I worry about a man whose wife doesn’t understand boundaries.

A Genocide, Only One Person At A Time

Many veterans among us see a darkness they can’t escape from, we can help them find a light switch and walk away from the ledge.

Know When It Is The Right Time To Exit

Charles XII made a “exit stage left”. He saw the writing on the wall and new when it was time to leave. I encourage you to see the logic and scram when it is time.

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