Hoggin’ the Pillows (Reblog)

Special thanks to Portly Politico for reminding me about David “Gargle” Hogg and his pursuit of “the MyPillow guy” aka Mike Lindell.

A fellow sh*tposter on Twitter mentioned that Hogg’s pillow company will stuff their pillows with bald eagle feathers. I corrected him and said that he was using feathers from a “dumpster chicken”.

I’m seceretly hoping that someone designs a pillow to muffle his annoying screeching.

Enjoy Portly’s piece below!


Hoggin’ the Pillows

Remember David Hogg, the self-righteous little twerp who lectured us all about gun control for a year?  Apparently, he’s starting a pillow company solely to compete with Mike Lindell, the pro-Trump founder of MyPillow.

Leave it to a radical progressive like Hogg to enter a field in which he has no background or expertise just to spite a conservative.

Don’t get me wrong:  I sincerely wish him the best.  So does Mike Lindell.  Unlike Lindell—who was talked over incessantly on Newsmax, of all places—Hogg will have every media advantage possible.  He and his business partner were scrambling yesterday to get a logo together for their Washington Post exclusive (the reactions on Twitter are hilarious, as various designers scolded Hogg’s business partner for offering $200 for a last-minute, rush design review).

Hogg claims he wants to make the pillows in the United States with 100% union labor.  Jim Treacher‘s piece for PJMedia, “David Hogg’s Pillow Company is Proceeding Nicely” (my chief source for this blog post) details Hogg’s various tweets asking advice for a “UNIONIZED PILLOW MANUFACTUER” (they’re “having a hard time finding one”) and asking followers what States “are the best to start a business” (because California’s “cost of living is way too high”).  It all seems to suggest that this kid is in over his head.

Naturally, any business has to start somewhere, and there’s a steep learning curve.  The goal of creating and manufacturing a product in the United States with well-paid labor is admirable.  But little Hogg is gaining a first-hand education in economics:  businesses have to make money to survive, and the higher the cost of inputs (labor, materials, rent, electricity, etc.), the higher the cost of the finished product has to be.  Marketing the product will be a snap, as Hogg will have every elite media outlet at his disposal, ready to give free press to a child with the right politics.  Manufacturing will be something else altogether.

Perhaps I’m naïve, but my hope is that this young Hoggling will begin to understand that designing a pillow that is comfortable and worth paying a premium for will take time to development—not just a couple of months, as Hogg seems to think.  From interviews I’ve heard with Lindell, he claims it took many attempts and prototypes to figure out the right combination of firmness and softness, the materials to use, etc.

Also, what’s their selling point besides “we’re not Mike Lindell”?  I suppose there is a niche of limousine liberals who won’t buy from Lindell because he’s conservative that might buy a $40 pillow from these kids for virtue points, but how many such buyers exist?

Ultimately, there’s the rub:  we’re living in a bizarre phase of late-stage capitalism in which everyday transactions are politicized.  We won’t allow ourselves to buy a pillow unless “our” guy makes it (I think Leftists are far more likely to adopt this tendency than conservatives, who continue to shop at stores and chains that support ludicrous ideologies and movements that hate conservatism).  The products we use and the clothes we wear are political statements.

Of course, if I wore a MAGA hat in public, I’d be assaulted.  But even products that aren’t overtly political carry such connotations.  Remember when the Prius was short-hand for do-gooding progressivism?  There was an entire episode of South Park about the smugness of its drivers, who thought they were saving the planet by driving a car with a massive battery made from non-renewable metals.

Hogg’s pillow company is very likely a publicity stunt—and, if it’s successful, it will just be another vehicle for progressive lunacy.  This endeavor has all of the hallmarks of being a slush fund for progressive causes—and of being a non-serious lark.  Given that the company—which barely has a name, much less a working product!—already has an “activist advisory board” tells you everything you need to know.

At least Hogg has one potential market:  selling his feculent pillows to the reeducation camps for reforming wrongthinkers.

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21 Responses to Hoggin’ the Pillows (Reblog)

  1. porngirl3 says:

    Seriously??? Again with the us vs them political b.s. you’re adding to the issue. You do realize this. Right?

    Who gives any fucks? Jeezus. I don’t care who makes the damn pillow I use and I’m a “leftist”. Please! Do you like being lumped in to some stupid agenda?

    I’m a dynamic multi-faceted person who doesn’t just exist around what box I punch at the ballots.

    This is all so divisive. Why not stand for something more positive in the world?

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re not wrong, PG. If you read my post, I note that it’s Hogg who is engaging in the spiteful partisanship you decry. Mike Lindell has wished the young man luck and hopes that he succeeds. But it appears that Hogg is getting into the pillow game solely because Lindell is pro-Trump (and, I suspect, because it gives Hogg another shot at relevance).


      • porngirl3 says:

        I guess it just seems silly and petty and not even worth discussing. Like who cares? And pointing out motivations and differences and accusations is just more time wasted flinging mud around. But what do I know.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Gotta keep the content flowing, PG.

        Here’s something a bit more pleasant and unifying that I think you’ll appreciate more: https://theportlypolitico.com/2021/02/07/lazy-sunday-xcix-romantic-music/

        Have a wonderful day!



      • porngirl3 says:

        Lol. I get that.

        Thanks, I’ll check it out.

        You too🥰

        Liked by 1 person

      • PG: I had some time to ponder. My beef with Hogg is not his political position. It is his inability to control his emotions and that he doesnt back his arguments with facts.
        He did his best to milk the kid factor even though he was 18.
        He is just acting petulant now.
        The media is flying him out in the public eye for little to no reason, kind of like Don Jr and a few other people.

        Liked by 1 person

      • porngirl3 says:

        I guess it makes me curious why you care and why you can’t see that you’re just adding to the downward spiral of civil disparity.

        I’m just really over the idiotic political divide and I’m done taking up sides. It’s a stupid fight led by even stupider people and it isn’t relative to my everyday life and happiness.

        Focusing on it beings no real value to my life. So I try to focus on what I can do that makes a real difference. I focus on getting myself and my life to a place I can find some semblance of bliss.

        The idiocy of most all media including social media is just vapid entertainment for the masses.

        But you do you boo.

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      • He is being paraded around as some idol for young people and he is being handed a future because of his notoriety.

        I was using the article to fill up dead space and stimulate conversation.

        It isnt a focus for any lengthened time frame.

        I am glad to hear from you, though. I wanted to know how your meet ups were going. Comments have been wonky.


      • porngirl3 says:

        You’re sweet. I get it. You’re pointing out an absurdity. Lots of that going around in spades. People being rewarded for abysmal behavior on all sides of the spectrum. Like I fully still don’t get the whole “famous for being famous” and influencer thing. Makes zero sense to me.

        But doesn’t really concern me. But I get that pointing out these idiocies is out own way of dealing with it. So I can’t fault you there one bit.

        My meetups? You mean dating?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Influencers are odd. Dating, yes.


      • porngirl3 says:

        Here’s what I’m thinking.

        Brad is back in the picture, but I am not putting any eggs in that basket. As far as I’m concerned it’s exactly what I was originally looking for; a FWB situation that works around my availability and needs.

        Meanwhile I need to get my life in order. So I’m relieved to be getting my sexual needs met without having to keep trudging through the torture that is online dating. But if this reverts back to an inoperable state than so be it too. Dating is always an option.

        And interestingly…..dating while a complete time suck actually helped boost my self esteem quite a bit.

        So…..I feel like I’m capable of putting my needs first here again and once my life is settled (as I have told Brad) I plan on renewing my search for a husband.

        But with no idea if and when that will happen I’m just going to take things day by day, moment by moment and make the most of it.

        Does that make sense to you? I feel it’s a logical approach. We will have to see what actually happens of course. But that’s my stance as of now.


      • Sure it makes sense. Time/place constraints.
        The self esteem thing is from a break of sorts.
        I jokingly wanted to say that I fill in the random ear in your life. If you ever knew…


      • porngirl3 says:

        If I ever knew???

        Yea. The break was really good for me. Helped me set clear boundaries for myself and him. But….I also know how volatile we are together.

        So as my ear, I’m truly grateful for the feedback. 💋🥰


      • porngirl3 says:

        Sorry I unfollowed you. I’ve been narrowing my feed to people that stay positive or people that share themselves intimately. And…… I might have called it wrong. 😉


      • Geeze, get a room you two. ; D

        Haha, glad y’all have reconnected. This kind of back-and-forth is what I love about blogging.

        Liked by 1 person

      • porngirl3 says:

        Me too

        Liked by 2 people

      • Im not hurt bur I do try to stay positive. If I had a room for us, there would be coffee!
        Remind me to try to steer clear of the adhominem. (Ill tell you the Lena Dunham story someday).


      • porngirl3 says:

        Hmmmmm. Ok. Intrigued.

        Liked by 1 person

      • My material does make for excellent filler. It’s like the digital version of the old newspaper you use to wrap fish or line birdcages.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Not that bad, I claim to be Somalia’s number one libertarian but I fail to produce decent material.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for the reblog, Matt! I appreciate it.


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