Reverence or Equality: Ladies, which one do you pick?

One of the greatest ideas I could think of is when people get what they want. It is the posturing guy that get spun around with a right hook. It was the part time employed self-imposed poverty-stricken person that hit the lottery. And as of lately, women finding equality.

It is one thing that they found access to places of employment that they were excluded from. It was another that you were not covered by a set of rules that protected men. But you marched for more.

You were allowed to explore sexuality as men had seen. You were allowed to have less restraint. You found out something strange.

Many of you spurned the idea of reverence, which gave you certain benefits. It allowed for certain allowances, such as a higher threshold needed to be met before violence was acted upon you. (But it had certain costs).

The worst of your kind still want the benefit but not the cost (nor the work). They want to act as foolishly as possible but never be held to account. Many want an out of the idea of merit.

I want you to ponder the following: Do you really want to be absolutely equal or do you want to be placed into power?

To hold the weight of violence, civilization, and order on your shoulders may not be what you want.

The rest of our lives may be a series of horrors, worse than what the suffragettes and first wavists could ever dream of.

We work together and not against each other. I have had to commit violence against other men and it is nothing I was fond of. To promise this en masse to women is insanity.

Human kind is violent by nature. We compete for resources. In this competition, the peaceful negotiations often fall by the wayside. We have competed on the smallest level and the largest level. We have sent the men (BDNB) to fix it. Local, regional, national. You don’t want to shoulder the slings and arrows. I don’t wish it on you.

To be equal, you may be buying something upfront that seems great, but the ultimate price may be later.

Men choose and chose who they associate with. This will apply now. And it may hurt many of us in the future. We need to be aware that our choices now may not serve us in the future.

I know that this sounded meandering but it was wide sweeping. Our decisions have consequences and to be “walled off” as in a game of Chinese checkers is possible.

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