When Your Boat Jumps Out of The Water Like Your Conclusions

I had originally set out to write about Promising Young Female, or at least the fact that everyone in their damn uncle seem to think that this is the next greatest thing since Citizen Kane. I decided not to. I haven’t seen it and I will leave it to the victim mentality folks. I grew past the revenge porn genre of anything. I don’t get the cheap thrill that others do and I used to get.

The subject I wanted to write about was the dangers of jumping to conclusions. One of the most notable examples was the USS Maine exploding in Havana harbor. The vast majority of our news outlets and flapping heads were calling for blood. We found an easy enemy and had plenty of financial reward for beating the piss out of the Spanish. Our country found the reason to fight, but there were other things that were glossed over.

Obsolescence and issues with the boilers, specifically coal quality may had led to the explosion. I would dare to add that substandard seamanship, lax policies, and a myriad of things made things worse.

Although there was a claim that a proper investigation was made, I must repeat the idea that one must not be hasty and jump to conclusions. In the event that one was wronged, a decent person should be given an opportunity to make right what was wrong. (If it is a party that doesn’t behave properly or has a history of being an ass, don’t go beyond reciprocity. Be the better creature).

I had to learn the hard way, through light forms of blacklisting and not having connections, that violence was not the best answer right off the bat. I was judged by quick jumps to action without gathering intelligence.

It was never in my best interest to do the irate based actions. To take a “few” to investigate and then ponder your options makes more sense than being that type of asshole years later.

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