My Expert Opinion On Experts

I have done a lot of stuff. I have been doing a lot of this stuff for a long time. Not only am I not an influencer, but I am also really an expert. I am an expert at having an opinion on experts. You should trust my quasi-professional opinion on experts. I fully expect for you to send me money and I won’t wait for the ink to dry on these consultant contracts to tell you my expert opinion.

The beauty of our modern news world and government for non self-governing people is that there is always a need for someone giving their expert opinion. Yes, on occasion we have some “perma-fried” expert on the news but often we have a comedian that can lower the heat of the worst viewers. (I am personally fond of a few authors, comedians, or even “relationship coaches”). At best, it is entertainment. At worst, it is filling in blanks.

But this is where I must split off. I think that many people are entertaining, but I don’t want many experts leading my life. This is including the supposed gold standard of experts, which is medical doctors (and medical professionals). I was brought up that these people were almost inviolate and unquestionable. We went to them for everything and their advice was supposed to be sacrosanct. But I learned years later, many of them are “practicing” on patients/clients. Practicing all their professional lives.

I had my fill when I dealt with military medicine. Most military medical professionals were better off dealing with STDs and actual traumatic injuries, not everything else. I learned really quick that I needed to do my own research and make my own decisions. This included blatantly disregarding well meaning advice from people with medical degrees. The ugly part of this is that I got great advice from people doing research studies themselves and old fashion bro science. I found fellow foul ups and learned a better way to do things. I’ve paid a “coach” or “therapist” for help, most of the time for the better. The experts are expert at doing something, but they aren’t the experts at you.

Insert our modern-day existence, especially with this stupid “’Rona” crap. Because we are too stupid to do the right thing ourselves and run around like feral Karens, we find the supposed best we could. We found politically connected specialists that give us a wide array of solutions. None of these solutions include letting us make our own decisions. They don’t trust us to make our own decisions or even to kill ourselves a little quicker, (instead of a slower death with heart disease/diabetes). These experts are put up on high. But I don’t put them on a high pedestal.

I put these medical experts on a low pedestal, not too far from lesser trusted doctors such as Dr. Pepper, Dr. Thunder, and Dr Josef Mengele.

Just because you go to medical college (and subsequent residencies) doesn’t automatically mean you are the best. You don’t always have the best advice and concerns for me. There are things that I can’t do myself, (properly monitor certain blood panel levels to determine what kind of cancer I might be kicking), but there are things that a technician (or coach) might be ale to do for me. It doesn’t require the one size fits all fixes that the doctors prescribe (and often shuck falsely sold fake government guidelines).

I often say that there isn’t a whole lot of anything to make you an  expert outside of a bevy of unthinking people to follow you and a fancy sounding seal of approval from an industry guild that purposely keeps people out. On that note; one of my favorite experts that is overlooked in his industry is Karl Hungus, reputed cable expert from The Big Lebowski, highlighted in his acting debut in LogJammin’. I am an expert in spotting experts, after all.

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