The Case For Throwing Gasoline On a Dumpster Fire

My ship was “parked” (or berthed) in a snug little corner of the navy base we called our home port. We weren’t exactly brimming with a lot of activity. We didn’t have many intermediate maintenance personnel onboard doing repairs. I have reason to believe that we didn’t have any major drills or certifying exercises to engage in. It was a beautiful sunny day. I wasn’t my pessimist self that day. I was able to hang out on the flight deck and jaw with a few of my fellow sailors. I watched the guys on the pier catching their smokes, doing the “intel thing”. The one responsible guy turned into their condemner.

This one well meaning person was sweeping and cleaning up cigarette butts. Including trash, dirt, and other refuse. It is a short trip to the dumpster with this. He failed to do one major thing, which was make sure the butts were either watered down or extinguished. His valiant failure helped create one of my favorite literal dumpster fires.

Before you run off with this one, a quick-witted sailor hit the non incipient small flamed fire with a fire extinguisher blast. It was sad that it was snuffed before its time. It had promise.

I don’t believe that we should throw gasoline on literal dumpster fires. But I want to make the case for throwing proverbial gasoline on proverbial dumpster fires in their pre-incipient stages.

(It could be a poorly managed business, a delusional person tripping down on a disproven strategy, or a post incipient meltdown captured on CCTV footage).

I found out quickly in my life that no matter how much I wanted to help and fix the world’s problems, many people don’t want my help. They will spin their narrative and keep on a downward path, thinking that they are winning, for some reason they enjoy the pull of the suction down the drain.

In the past decade or so, I found a perverse fascination in watching these proverbial dumpster fires from a healthy distance. Not that I want to swoop in and fix anything, but to watch the steps of their own demise. Just like a little kid putting fire crackers in a glass Faygo bottle, it works best when watching the rain of destruction from a distance that it wont hurt you.

Someone asked me in how could a person throw proverbial gasoline on a proverbial dumpster fire. I want to see what kind of monumental disaster can be made. The proverbial gasoline is not giving bail outs to crappy companies, not handing out money to people that purposely make terrible decisions, and maybe a healthy dose of public “outing” of someone that continuously has a life path of destruction without trying to change something.

It isn’t pretty but that guy that was super empathetic is dead. I throw ropes to those that are willing to climb. For everyone else, I grease the walls and smoke a cigar.

That cigar, along with a departure from regular music selections, inspire this article. My Chemical Romance’s Welcome to The Black Parade made me think of this article.


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