Exact Opposite of Attempted Reprogramming

Someone in their right mind decided to rename a childhood toy to something that only makes sense to the idiots in charge of handing out names. The woke idiots want to destroy the beauty that women engage in when they feed infants during breastfeeding. Moronic political leaders allied with Orwellian “unthink” artists dream of ways to sound stupid. The argument made by some says that these people want you to start talking like their totalitarian dream. The same people want you to give into madness and confusion, then never know how to speak again. Today I make the argument that you need to say whatever you want to say.

Blow the minds of the idiots. Half of the time they will screech and break down in fits. If they kill you over the word “niggardly”, you will go down as either an unfortunate bastard or some type of martyr. Not saying you will be the next Spartacus but with idiots, you could be Bozo the Clown.

We didn’t get through western civilization flushing ourselves down the toilet. We did it by being the correct brand of assholes. Appeasement didn’t work as a long term strategy. Just go back to being assholes. Do your best to be polite and operate with an air of decorum but when people get stupid, spank’em like the snots they are.

Make these assholes pay for their idiocy, don’t let them re-write their own bullshit every five years. Don’t let them memory hole this. Let them know that they are flip flopping dunderheads. Embarrass them. It is one thing to change naturally but it is another to fry people mentally like the Marxists like doing. Discredit them and don’t let them change words.

Choose to be the asshole and don’t feel bad about it. Hold your head high and find out that plenty of people are assholes too.

Don’t worry, be content.



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3 Responses to Exact Opposite of Attempted Reprogramming

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  2. Roman says:

    I like that. I’m now inspired to be more proactive in calling out these idiots.

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