The FreeMatt in Review: 2-22 to 2-26

Don’t worry, its okay to be the one man clapping. In the meantime, check out this week’s FreeMatt in Review

Inhumane Resources: Meet The Vice President of Inhumane Relations

I remembered an run in with one of the worst career fair volunteers. Read more about this tragedy.

My Expert Opinion On Experts

I don’t want to call people looking for leadership “sheep” but I am loathed to call anyone a “shepherd”. In this piece, I speak of the idiocy that is “experts”.

The Matters w/ Matt: Someone Sullied The Golden Arch

A family finds itself in crisis and a man finds a way to be the bigger man, find out more in this Matters w/ Matt.

The Case For Throwing Gasoline On a Dumpster Fire

I watched a dumpster fire in the Navy and it meant a lot to me years later. It inspired me to watch proverbial dumpster fires and enjoy their dark humor.

Exact Opposite of Attempted Reprogramming

Don’t go nuts trying to say the right thing to appease the idiots attempting to re-write our language. Hold your head up high and be the a-hole that the world needs.


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