F*ck, Let’s Start With Coffee.

I had every intention on doing an article about the Battle of Castagnaro and how you should not send your rawest troops to do anything by themselves. Noted in the firefghting, “soldiering”, and a few other activities.

No, I had something I wanted to bring up. Things in our lives have become complicated. People feel entitled to our time, money, attention, among other things.

I wanted to share some advice that I wish I would have known years ago: Let’s start with coffee.

A meal for a first date, interview, or a get together is a tad much. Why don’t we start with coffee?

(If you dont like coffee, try tea, water, or something else not Veuve Clicquot).

Make it where you can walk off a little easier. Dont make it where we make a mess of everything.

Make it where we can see where things are going and we dont feel captive to a server.

One can escalate things at a later date or shortly after, but one doesn’t have to jump over coffee.

We can have a hundred awesome meals together but it would okay to just have coffee first.

Thank you for having a wonderful day. Mine started with a decent cup of coffee.

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