The “UnEasy” Feeling You Won’t Admit To

Over time I notice myself scan over rooms, it doesnt matter if it is a gym, restaurant, or meeting room.

I have been told somewhat reliably that it is normal for certain people to make short eye contact with people and to see where the exits are.

I was once told that this was a result of bad television and adopted paranoia. I thought it was being safe. You cant go wrong with knowing where the exits are, along with AEDs and fire extinguishers.

Some of us are naturally uneasy, (many veterans combat or non). I am usually a touch on edge. Having a bad flight or fight mechanism doesnt help many. Instead of fighting, Karens find themselves calling the police instead of minding their own business. I find myself looking for exits and how I can get to a wall when lights go out.

But one of the ultimate lessons I was taught and need to share is that not every room has some malcontent (or boogeyman). Sometimes when you are looking for one, you might be that guy to someone else. You might look like a third rate Lifetime movie villain.

Try not being that asshole. Act like a human. Even if your heart and body functions tell you illogically that you are in danger.


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