Broken Notes and References

After having a terrible day due to technology, I found myself without an article. Instead I found myself with a few broken notes and references.

(1) I had slipped off a step when I was stepping out of a vehicle at work. It was wet and slippery due to pollen. I fell but stuck the landing due to wresting and MMA training. We all got a laugh.

(2) In 1944, A RAF rear gunner fell 18,000 ft from an airplane. He survived, having trees and snow break his fall.

(3) “Foster element of misdirection…the one man version of good/bad cop…this idea is not all of malice but to try to benefit a marginal party in that it is better to “whip” a potential member of your party in line than to create a new adversary”.

Until next week, blessings!


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