When It Isnt Heartbreak But “Just Medicine”

It took me a minute to find an inconvenient posting on Reddit’s (quarantined) The Red Pill subreddit. Its title was “Why She Left You”.

The posting rang a little close to home. I wasn’t offended but I wish it had been around ages ago. It had some nuggets of wisdom that many guys around me should know.

“Even when she implies she wants to stay friends, you know it is the end of the relationship, the end of time having fun, the end of moments making love, the end of a beautiful chapter”.

For me it was just a chapter, an opportunity for learning. But the biggest thing I learned is what a friend really was, I don’t fuck friends. The women I had been with didn’t have the fortitude to be a friend. A friend was someone to call for a 3 am airport ride. I wouldn’t do the dirty things I had done with those women with my actual friends.

“You became weak because you begin prioritizing her needs over your own. You stayed weak because you treat her as if all there was in your life”.

I put too much stock in their failing company and not in my potentially awesome opportunity. I would have commended more respect if I gave them what they were really worth instead of what some crappy social programming said.

“A true feminine woman does not want a man who acts like a woman nor a man who is insecure about his manliness”.

Although those women were far from having a grasp on healthy femininity, they wanted a man who knew where his feet were. I did not and one of them grew ill quick. The other went back to a level of logical “uncomfort” that she was used to

“She has left you, and you know it’s for good, whether because she already got someone in her mind or left without once looking back. Then what do you do? You move on. Honestly, move the fuck on”.

I did move on. I left them in the past. I learned and moved on.

“You know what you need to know, you learned from your mistake. Forgive her and forgive yourself but never forget”.

“Go find what is your purpose and what is most important to you. True happiness does not come from a woman. She is only ever a complement to your life. Focus on yourself, and build your life to a point where people want to be apart of your journey, not the other way around.”.

I never forgot. I did forgive and I left these people out of my life. I learned to love the man in the mirror. That man is the big one in my life. I live with him and he needs to be the best.

He will be around when the next set of people leave my life.

My experiences weren’t heartbreaking, they were “just medicine” for my ignorance.

(Special thanks to u/quantuan125 for the posting)


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