Inhumane Resources: Piss On Your Parade

Not sure if this story qualifies as a “inhumane resources” but it served as a warning about human resources personnel. (Noted that the enlightened one, Aaron Clarey, was a mere blip on my radar when this happened to me).

I found myself at a industrial safety conference at a nearby large city, my generous company ponied up for my attendance. I got to meet a few people I had met or was in contact with in my industry. Over all, it was a neat experience. The deep pockets at our company were on the hook for a few decent glasses of wine and the the second best steak I have ever had. The hotel was notable from a nearby flood that decimated its grounds and the fact that I was locked out of my room when the cleaner found my pistol. (Remember, tell your lovers to hang the do not disturb card).

I struggle with social situations at times and a few interactions at the conference were no different. My patent sense of humor is off to certain people.

When my day was done, I headed to the bar. I had heard cool things about it. I knew that it was a long walk from where my room was but it was in the building. The bar was a blessing. It had draft pints of Guinness. I had walked in with a hidden bottle of Tullamore DEW also. (I had shared a swig with a hilarious conference attendee that was an iron liver).

This bar had poker on the tv, which is one of the dumbest sports televised. I ended up in a shitty conversation with this broad next to me. She did her best to extol the virtues of poker and attempted to school me on how great she was at it. I asked her if she knew about a poker style game (described in detail) that a few thug coworkers used to play. She looked at me with some upturned nose attitude and lack of social grace.

Before I took a gulp of DEW and was subsequently asked to leave, I read her name tag. It was from the conference. Her job title wasn’t something quasi-respectable like “petroleum engineer” or “operations foreman”, it was Human Resources specialist.

I left to head back where anyone worth talking about was at. I enjoyed my Tullamore and tranquility. I did not miss the HR rep. She was a far cry from my old benefits reps.

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5 Responses to Inhumane Resources: Piss On Your Parade

  1. When I was in middle-management at a one building hospital we had a guy doing most of our hiring HR work. Great guy. In his 50’s. Laid back and easy to work with and really listened to the floor managers. I’ve never met a female HR person who was worth a damn, including my brother’s ex-wife, who was VP of HR for a Fortune 1000 company.

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  2. Will S. says:

    I despise most of such people.

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  5. ray says:

    The cull ought to begin with the Human Resources fascists. Make an example out of these thugettes to begin a long-needed purge.

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