Using A Crusade To Bring Together Enemies

(1) US and Soviet Union teamed up to free three gray whales trapped in Alaskan ice during Operation Breakthrough.

(2) HRE, under the Hapsburgs, teamed up with a mix of protestants and other catholic “members” to fight against the Ottoman Turks.

(3) During WW1, Russian and Germans joined together to kill wolves that were menacing both armies.

It hurts me to see people snipe at each other. An actual war against evil is one thing, (or at least a battle for resources), but fighting for fighting’s sake seldom has a purpose.

I want people to have a purpose and often it can come in a crusade. (In our lives, we have found actual worthy crusades like ending childhood cancer or ending sex trafficking).

Our enemies, (actual or perceived), may also have this desire to tackle one of these crusades. It makes more sense to combine resources/forces to do so. and fight each other later on. We may have worse enemies on the horizon that might be doing their damnedest to destroy us. (Do not look past their desire to divide their perceived enemies and conquer after they watch the destruction).

I want you to use this information to rethink the idea of fighting someone you have no clear reason to at the time. If possible, find a common reason to defeat another enemy; actual or not.

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