Woke-ists Destroy Many Diversions, You Should Thank Them

I don’t blame men and women from having hobbies. And I don’t blame them from doing things to “de-stress” from things in their lives. But I find issue when these things are used to mask the “hurt” in their lives and to bypass dealing with actual issues that matter.

Among people I know and related demographics, these “diversions” have become industries. It was one thing when they were a pleasant departure, a rare timeout, but it has become more than that. It has become something akin to the beginning of social reprogramming and pacification.

I had originally thought it was a ridiculous proposition. I didn’t think people were that stupid to fall for it. I was wrong. The vast majority of this entertainment is to both separate you from money (original idea) and to reprogram you in line from a predetermined set of ideas (shareholder/stakeholder beliefs, CRT, leftism, or some other system of belief).

[It gives you a reward (dopamine) that helps you mask a supposed hole in your physical existence]

Overtime I had a feeling like this wasn’t sustainable and that this “rat pellet style crack” experiment wasn’t serving me. I was living from block buster show to flashing light movie w/ billion dollar budgets. I still felt empty and I found out that I was just passing my responsibility on to other “entities” (victim mentality).

I decided to tackle the holes in my life instead of masking them. I discovered that zoning out in front of a television was wasting my time. I didn’t pay attention to what I put in my mouth., further medicating myself. But I started by eliminating many things (time wasting entertainment that was making me feel bad).

I feel further inspired to mention that many of you should be tackling what is wrong. And that crappy woke writing and cheap/pandering/infantilizing stories shouldn’t hold you into a consumption cycle.

(I have made the argument that much of our movies taken from stories/comic books that are marketed towards the “parent -kid” market are actually just serving to extended adolescence in both, stirring irresponsible consumption and captive customers).

It isn’t that I don’t have things that I enjoy. I occasionally catch a show or a movie but it is seldom. I don’t adopt a fan boy identity and I refuse to do so. I believe in identity and pride but in actual things that are at least quasi connected to your life.

Wokists don’t want you to be capable of independent thought. Their work is a carrier for a set of beliefs and there is a limit of what their work can do. It gets stale for anyone with a few mature mental processes. I must challenge you to start noticing this. The woke work is cheap. It won’t be mistaken for canon or masterpiece.

You can bypass this stuff. Not putting money, effect, or attention to it. You should starve the entities behind it. On the inverse, put those resources into the people who aren’t woke or those that have common views.

You can also thank the wokists for the opportunity to divorce yourself from the emotional blackmail system that you were captive of. You can detox and move on to tackle what you’ve been bypassing all along.

[Forming meaningful bonds w/ others, finding sanity, focusing on health, developing further complex mental functions, among others].

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4 Responses to Woke-ists Destroy Many Diversions, You Should Thank Them

  1. Will S. says:

    Not doing sportsball or capeshit makes me free in my mind; I value that.

    And increasingly, sportsball and capeshit are all-woke, all-the-time.

    I don’t bankroll that, nor waste brain cells on it.

    Feels great! šŸ™‚

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  2. Red Letter Media, Pitch Meeting Guy and The Critical Drinker are much more entertaining than the the movies and shows they review. Pro sports are dying. College sports will follow. Hollywood hasn’t come up with a new idea since 3-D films and now can’t even tell a story people can recognize as making any sense.

    Get bored on a rainy day? Watch a movie from before 1950 or read a book from a hundred years ago (or more). Heck, do a puzzle. Remember puzzles.

    Or you could re-paint a room. Or put in a new faucet or light fixture. Lots to do if you open your eyes and look around.


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