FreeMatt in Review: 4-12 to 4-16

The time to split wigs is near. I was traveling this week, pardon the lack of articles. In the meantime, check out this week’s FreeMatt in Review

Sunny Side Up Book Review—The One Minute Mysteries of Inspector Gerard: The Ultimate Flatfoot

I decided to start a new type of article, a book review. I review Tyler Cook’s “The One Minute Mysteries” this week.

The Matters w/ Matt: In The Eyes Of Your Stranger

A man worries about what unrelated parties think, is it folly or fruitful. Learn more in this Matters w/ Matt.

The First and Last Time You Pass The Buoy

Great things were marked out at sea by one buoy. I tell you about what is so notable about that buoy and its tie in with life.

New Video: Lead, Follow, or Help Someone Else Lead

Idiocracy inspires a few great life’s lessons and not leading is one of them. Find out more in a new video.

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