To Observe the Boundary

It is better to observe and respect a boundary, no matter if it was a personal matter or an actual physical boundary.

Joe, from the After Prison Show, spoke of someone using an object, like a shower shoe, to mark an area off as a “no go” zone, as in that parties do not have a purpose or business beyond the area should take the hint, finding themselves somewhere else.

I had found myself in a strange situation that might mirror something like that, but with a less serious slant. I had checked into a controlled access area, which is constantly monitored. I had slipped outside to get something out of my vehicle. When I came back, the people that were controlling access to the building had put a red pull type barricade up. I stopped at it.

Many people would ask why I did this, considering I was inhabiting the room beyond it previously. Most of the reason I am that way is from prior experience.

Many moons ago, I had seen and heard about why we have boundaries in the military. We would find signs saying: “Secured”. To most people, this wouldn’t mean much, but to anyone trained it meant “don’t go here” or “don’t use this”. This sign wasn’t for the person who posted it but it was for everyone else. To not observe, it was folly.

Idiots and drunks had found themselves getting yelled at, (or covered in paint), at best when transgressing this. In one newsworthy incident, a barrier warned people of an open steam line in a pipe run. The steam was one type of warning but the barrier was the best. The transgressor found himself without his life, the body being pink and skin pulled back.

When faced with a barrier or a warning, I err on the side of caution. I try to get clearance or an instruction on what to avoid. This idea came to  benefit me. I often stopped at barriers at one of my workplaces. The vast majority of the time they were put up ahead of time before the real action happened. I usually would be waved through or told when the area was “hot”.

Only an idiot would blindly drive through, risking being thrown in a ditch, or being side swiped by an oversized crane taking up the roadway.

I think of this in my personal life as well. If someone with a straight face asks for us to not do something or call them something that grates on their nerves, I take their word for it. An idiot would find a way to earn a punch.

Another example of a personal form of a boundary is a closed door. I lean contrary to many common workplaces and domiciles. A closed door tells me to find another way to communicate or to come back at a different time. (Misguided people find closed doors as some type of perverse challenge). (Like hanging a sheet in prison, I observe an opportunity to mind my own business).

I encourage you to observe boundaries in the Golden Rule fashion, so others with observe boundaries the same.


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