This Sunny Side Up Book Review of Diary of A Black Rainbow

I find myself with a few sporadic minutes during my day and I often fill them with the consumption of books. These readings lead to the notes that often become the inspiration of my articles. I have had a few people I consider friends publish their own books. After this alarming fact, I decided to jump on the opportunity to be lazy.

I wanted to start reviewing these books the NY Times won’t do due to the lack of connections. Amazon doesn’t mind burying those that lack a PR backing. But I choose to read and “embrace” them. I present to you the “Sunny Side Up Book Review”.

This Sunny Side Up Book Review is of Emily “Peaceful Waters” Woodall’s Diary of A Black Rainbow.

Ms. Woodall’s book is a look into not only the author but also unto yours truly. I am not always able to prescribe a work of non-fiction, but I am able to today. Ms. Woodall became someone in my life.

There are many things that I never knew about Peaceful Waters. I had only known a kind smile from Lawrence County, AL.

She makes a hidden secret known that isn’t well hidden. Her struggles make it known that we don’t see what our neighbors go through. The book serves as a wake-up call and a reminder.

I had never known someone that ran through a certain hell and found themselves with certain gifts, but Emily was one of them. Her book helped me to understand those that ran through and those that learned to love others. It challenged me to not hang on to a cold heart but to love those that don’t always win. (But win in the eyes of the lord).

You have ventured this far, feel free to purchase a copy from her. You can find her in various houses of worship. She also is connected with Mystic Medicine Ministries. Don’t blink, she is somewhere.


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2 Responses to This Sunny Side Up Book Review of Diary of A Black Rainbow

  1. Emily “Peaceful Waters” Woodall says:

    I am so humbled by this. Truly, humbled. Thank you so much for reading the pages of my soul and gaining something. It lets me know…something beautiful can come from my ashes.

    I look to the Father…
    I look to the Son…
    I look at the 99…
    And thank God I was the 1.

    Peaceful Waters


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