The Folly of Attacking The Unguarded Castle: Understanding The Capital Siege

The US Capital on January 6, 2021 was shown to have been stormed by a group of supposed ardent patriots. Men and women that were full of zeal, standing up for a leader that was the most engrained with integrity. It was a strange sight in my lifetime.

I had seen pictures of the supposed victorious or jubilant masses. Often standing about with smiles and some with costumery of odd proportions, they seemed liked supposed victors, enjoying a new dawn. A common unlearned man would think that their beloved president would be ushered in after their dogged pursuits.

This is and was not to be true. The opposite is actually true. The siege of the US Capital was a strategic error at best. It was a flash in the pan of revolutionary balance.

It did not serve as a rallying cry. It did not serve as an opportunity for martyrdom. It was easily skewered by the enemies propaganda machine and open-minded independent thinkers. Tactically speaking, it was a castle defended by token measures only.

Do not swallow bait offered by the enemy”

There was no true struggle for the grounds. No one possessed the high ground and often the token enemy forces’ doors were opened for the supposed mob. There was even an immense disdain for the patriots, in that the law enforcement and capital police present would stop for a picture/kind word. Never in battle has this ever benefitted an insurgent force.

(A token force was left in many Revolutionary War forts to deceive the enemy and to give the idea that it was worth expending energy on. The reward was giving the colonists an opportunity to flee to fight again. In modern times, the token security given was to give the protestors enough time to hang themselves with petulant actions, captured by a lack of regard to OPSEC standards and astute propaganda gatherers).

(In battle, an undisciplined force given to foolishness over focus has never seen success and often finds itself routed).

Congress would be loathed to give in unless you actually had a quasi-organized group and an understandable set of demands. They can not understand you unless you are coherent. To be petulant in action begs for a petulant response.

Instead of some air of professionalism, you gave them LARPers at best and a few mentally off assholes searching for some sense of identity wearing nothing resembling anything close to polish. They were far from the “Washingtonesque” continentals they fancied themselves to be, pulling off Guy Fawkes on a bad day.

Move not unless you see an advantage, use not your troops unless there is something to be gained, fight not unless the position is critical.

This was a waste of time. People hungry for change and opened to the concept of revolution wrote themselves out of the picture. Out of anything resembling an actual movement

Knowledge of the enemy’s dispositions can be only obtained from other men

Everyone knew what your plans were. Technology is not impenetrable.  Your people didn’t hesitate to flap their gums. Just like hastily dropped battle plans, your idiots gave up everything.

Speaking of sources of intelligence, your non-partisan bureaucracies are no longer such. They serve as proving grounds and placement areas for the politically proven. The orders on high have implications and even the lowest level supervisor understands this. These government workers won’t hesitate to leak information to discredit someone who stands in their way, what makes you think that they wouldn’t openly do this to you?

               Of many errors and “crimes” I could list, they had all been apparent. The vast majority of these, (and some I didn’t list), were covered by Sun Tzu’s Art of War. Although this was in regards to statecraft, it was in contradiction to waging war successfully. These supposed warriors failed their sovereign.

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4 Responses to The Folly of Attacking The Unguarded Castle: Understanding The Capital Siege

  1. Will S. says:

    ‘Twas a shitshow, through and through, alas…

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  2. That was one of the best summations that I’ve read, regarding the events of 6 Jan.


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