Brickbat: Grand Theft Auto (Reblog)

Quick but painful. Government idiocy, no one would get off their asses to fix it. I wouldn’t have been surprised if they would have walked into the office and fix it themselves.


CHARLES OLIVER | 5.11.2021

It took six months and the intervention of a local TV station, but officials in Washington, D.C., finally dismissed $5,000 in speeding tickets and penalties issued to Doug and Nancy Nelson, tickets for violations that were actually committed by the people who carjacked Doug Nelson and stole their vehicle at gunpoint. “I got a police report,” said Nancy. “How simple is that to say, ‘Oh, these are victims, let us help them.'” Police recovered the vehicle pretty quickly, but the tag was missing, and the city refused to issue a new one until the tickets were paid. That meant the couple has been unable to drive their only vehicle for the past six months.

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2 Responses to Brickbat: Grand Theft Auto (Reblog)

  1. Roman says:


    This reminds me of the story of the school nurse who watched the epileptic kid go into convulsions because he wasn’t allowed to take his meds because his parents forgot to sign the slip.

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