Why I Run (or why Aaron Clarey hikes)

My lunch time was an hour in length. It afforded me an opportunity to step away and go look at flowering plants. The wind was pleasant. It was neat seeing turkeys and rabbits scurrying. The trees re-seeded themselves where clear cutting had taken place. I was free of drama for a short time.

I found myself dragging up into our shop, sweaty “as all get out”. My co-workers were still asleep. The air con felt great and we tolerate its droning when it provides us with comfort. It was nearing the end of our lunch period and I went to get cleaned up. It was time to get back to work.

I changed my clothes after I toweled off. A short time afterward, my co workers stirred awake. This included one of my coworkers; Frank. Frank was a piece of work. We all enjoyed his memory of prior workplaces and weird jokes. He was a sight.

He was a lumbering type of guy. He had flat feet and he walked leaned forward. His skin had this weird drapey look and it was dark in spots. It showed in his work.

I teamed up with him for various workorders. I seemed to learn a lot, considering I wasn’t an electrician. Instrumentation became a second nature. He was very intelligent. But he lacked in self-preservation skills.

Frank used to be 550 lbs. His habits showed it. He had received surgery to fix it and he was able to lose a ton of weight. But he returned to bad habits. He ended up eating shit and drinking soft drinks. He had a rainbow of medications he ended up taking. For his sins; he started getting lumpy, had physical issues, and he was unable to do certain tasks.

Frank was largely ignorant of his position. Life and work wouldn’t get easier. And it blew over one day. He had saw me leave for a run. When we geared up to go back to a project, he asked accusatorily why I run. I told him the following:

Because I don’t want to be a 550 lbs. fat ass

I have had people ask me stuff like that at other work sites. They asked me why I like to get out at different work trips to walk and look at my surroundings. I like to be a part of the “terroir” or earth where I am at. I’m not much of a professional sports junkie or a “sit around and drink” mindless f*ck.

I was shocked to hear Aaron Clarey (from The Clarey Podcast) talking about some of his exploits while hiking at what I believed to be Annie Falls (SD). He had mentioned that he runs into people that ignore the beauty and notable sights among them so they can sit around watching professional sports programs, then sports analysis. I see the same among many men around me.

I am no physical specimen of Spartan build. But I find it weird that no one asks the mindless among us why they watch other grown men play sports and never ask why they watch people who watch the sports then commentate. No one asks why can’t they embrace the beauty in their lives the same stuff made great by the Renaissance.

If you ask me why I run or hike while on a trip, I might tell you that it beats being a mindless drone and 500 lbs.

If you ask Aaron Clarey why he hikes, he might hurt your feelings.

But someone needed to say it.

If you need to listen to Aaron’s podcast of mention:


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2 Responses to Why I Run (or why Aaron Clarey hikes)

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  2. Will S. says:

    Best reason! 🙂


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