Marvin Heemeyer Was A Warning

I had steered cleared of speaking about mentions (or stories) of the D-Day invasion. Many writers and bloggers among me have done a great job of this. I felt like I had nothing to add. The men of the past that fought there did not need my words.

But my main inspiration in writing came from two things:

  • The vast majority of people around me being in the doldrums due to the rainy/overcast cycle we are in.
  • The 17th anniversary of Marvin Heemeyer’s revenge on a “non-responsive” government.

The second bullet point is the one I want to write about today. It was an event that was treated as a “one off” and actions of a mad man, but they were events that served as a warning to governments.

(I do not encourage anything like he did but I understand what happened. The warnings stand).

In our modern western world, we have had a court system/zoning bodies that replaced supposed barbaric practices, such as dueling and honor killings, among other traditional practices. Our balance of powers are supposed to serve justice and leave citizens settled. This was one event that showed that our modern governments (local, rural, state, federal) have failed.

Many people don’t understand that many people are left unfulfilled and in a state of pain. One does not always accept loss but finds a way to win.

Roman McClay, among many others, have said that “pain demands a response”. And pain received a said response on that day.

Heemeyer did what he knew best. Using his knowledge of welding and heavy equipment, he exacted revenge on those that stood against him. He fought the power structures that defeated him. The people that had saw that his access to a redress of grievances be cut off felt a form of wrath.

Many people didn’t know that Heemeyer had prayed that God would stop him. It was a non-celestial miracle that one of his targets was missed. (I had read that a church was a target but his “killdozer” was disabled before he could finish his rampage).

The irony in his story is that many people involved with his issues still badmouthed him after he killed himself. The governmental bodies and the connected cronies could not see where they could have gone wrong. (I watched a few documentaries that featured interviews. The apparent callousness showed).

I do not think that Marvin Heemeyer was a saint but he has acolytes that thinks he is. It wouldn’t take much for his memory to spur them into action when coupled with governmental over action.

Pain demands a response. When a man has nothing to lose, the actions that come afterward will not be what the government wants.


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4 Responses to Marvin Heemeyer Was A Warning

  1. Lexet Blog says:

    He was more of a freedom fighter than the libertarian party ever will be

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  2. Everyone has a breaking point.

    It amazes me that the people who wronged him lacked the self-awareness to realize they did any wrong.

    Whereas I don’t think he’s a saint, I at least “get it.”

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