Tiananmen Square: While We Are Forgetting Things

I was sitting around checking out a few videos of newsworthy content. Although I got lost in a deep dive of sorts, I hit the day’s goldmine. A video from China Uncensored was talking about Tiananmen Square, showing some footage of the after effects of a shooting of a crowd by military personnel, reminded me that June 4th wasn’t only the 17th anniversary of the “Killdozer incident” but of the Tiananmen Square Massacre.

Most of 1989’s events in China have been memory holed. The college students and kids involved might remember it but the CCP made sure that they weren’t reminded of it.

I was a young kid with a strange memory when this happened. I remember seeing the news reports and people bleeding. I laughed at “Tank Man” who stopped a few tanks from rolling on. (Noted that Tank Man happened on June 5th). I didn’t understand what was going on in China. I had heard that they were communist. I had known that “communists” were the natural enemy of our time, considering our country had been involved in a few other countries business. (That and President Reagan told everybody this). I asked my parents: “Communists, like the Russians?”. My answer heard was like not quite or a different type.

I think that we are conveniently forgetting about China. Our politicians (state and federal) loved the lobbyists. People loved the foreign investment and shady land deals. Rednecks, morons, and soccer moms loved the cheap consumer shit. And the government, including the illiberal public, loved their credit.

We forget about the people being harvested for organs (through CCP connected methods). We forget about people disappearing into their prison system. We forget about Uyghurs and other people not enjoying forced labor. We conveniently forgot how the Chinese steamrolled Tibet. We forget that Hong Kong became great without the CCP. Nobody remembers that the Chinese kidnapped a religious figure, (Panchen Lama).

While we are forgetting things, where was I going with this?

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