FreeMatt in Review: 6-7 to 6-11

The rain gives you pause. Either the sun or a gullywasher is on the horizon. In the meantime, check out this week’s FreeMatt in Review.

Navy Story: A Warning To Other Men

I shared two instances where red flags in a “relationship” were presented. Learn more about when I should have pulled the cord in this article.

Sunny Side Up Book Review of David McCullough’s “1776”

I review a book that made won a Pulitzer prize; David McCullough’s 1776.

The Matters w/ Matt: Those Words Are Worthy of A Duel

When a person dares to be helpful, they are punished for their sins. Learn more in this Matters w/ Matt.

Tiananmen Square: While We Are Forgetting Things

We passed by another anniversary of the Tiananmen Square events in China. We forgot who were dealing with. Just like we forgot what happened.

Marvin Heemeyer Was A Warning

We saw D-Day pass. We missed something else. When representative democracy fails, man falls back on what he knows. Marvin Heemeyer was evidence of this.

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