What I’m Reading, Listening to, And Concerned About


Scott @ Sigma Frame talks about how institutions fail and values are destroyed. 



Cooper @ The Flame Within tells you to “just start f*cking doing”. https://anchor.fm/theflamewithin/episodes/Just-Start-fcking-Doing-e12ifh8

Additional Listening:

Jon Rennie (@ Deep Leadership) joins up with Dave McKeown to talk about what you have been working on vs. what you are supposed to be working on.


Additional Reading:

Lane Goodwin @ his eponymous blog presents a few tough ideas about social awkwardness and what to do about it..


I am often puzzled by what I thought was the proverbial high water mark we would roll back from, just to watch the dam break. Largely unrelated, I thought The Optimized Man’s video below was interesting.

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