Don’t Leave Your Enemy With Anything Valuable…

A short post today:

I completely missed a notable happening in history that happened on this day in 1919. I did have to look past a notable arson case, a few battles, and an important Supreme Court finding. The notable happening has a link to a previous article I had wrote.


In 1919, The defeated German Navy scuttled most of their ships that were being held at Scapa Flow, Scotland. 74 ships in total were involved but 52 were scuttled These ships were a focus of part of the peace treaty that all sides had been working on.

The French and Italians wanted some of the ships. The British wanted to destroy some. But an enemy not made whole is a different animal.

I had previously had mentioned about how if you don’t ultimately destroy your enemy, that you must preserve their dignity. And this served as an example of that. The Germans felt like that they were losing and pulled the one trump card they had.

The French and Italians wanted retribution, the British wanted to look victorious.

The Germans were never made to feel completely whole. Upon scuttling, the British fired upon nine of the sailors attempting to swim ashore.

I understand why the Germans did it. There isn’t much dignity in handing over something of pride and then be expected to grovel over it.

I would rather burn my crops so my enemy starves. It makes sense to dismantle things that the tax man can auction off.

To deny them the right to destroying your dignity is an understandable position.

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2 Responses to Don’t Leave Your Enemy With Anything Valuable…

  1. Will S. says:

    I visited Orkney a few years back; the local museums there have much about the scuttling of the ships; the Brits appear to have been baffled as to why the Germans did so, but it really isn’t that hard to understand.

    I’d do the same.

    And yeah, lay the land to waste before the enemy gets it. Let them not profit from their victories and your defeat, as much as is within your power to do so.

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