More Critiques of The Capital Siege

A few people have commented (or at least skimmed over) my previous post about the supposed capital insurrection. I am greatly surprised that many conservatives don’t even want to try to discuss it or tear apart the events for some type of lessons learned. I find it folly that the conservative outlets (and clickbait providers) either fall back on their usual stories backed up by talking points or other emotional ploys.

(I think that they should do some post mortem or sift through the ashes of failure for a marketing lesson. )

Largely unrelated to the above, I had been reading and a few additional things bothered me about the capital siege. One of my favorite texts; The Art of War, had mentioned that one of the preliminary conditions for having the most advantageous position was:

Commanders who are resourceful, thoughtful, and good at seizing opportunities for combat. (p. 39-40).

I found that what passed for the “insurgency” leadership failed at much of the above. I would also say that their mentality mirrored the South Park season 2 episode 17  “gnome business idea” and the tragedy known as the Children’s Crusade of 1212. There was nothing thoughtful outside of giving people justification for being emotional. There was no useful direction of people as assets.

Sun Tzu advocated that in a war, generally the best policy is to attack the enemy’s strategy. Next best is to disrupt his alliances by diplomacy. The next in order is to attack the enemy’s army in the field, and the worst policy is to attack cities.

One of my issues of the “insurgents” was that they fell asleep at the proverbial wheel years ago. They react and continually lose. For the most part,  they aren’t long haul hard work types. They jump from emotional flavor to emotional flavor. They didn’t do much at their local levels where they would be most effective.

For what I remember reading, most of these people did not find help in external sources that oppose their enemies. (It may be frowned on by media types but it would have made sense to seek help from a like minded group that had better access to sympathetic politicians, often from foreign governments. This was done successfully in the American Revolution when the insurgent colonists teamed up with the French military and assorted Swedish officers). A sympathetic ear from Eastern Europe or Russia would have been a modern idea.

Reviewing the next step or the transgression committed by the “insurgency”, the idea of picking the wrong kind of targets came to mind. The Capital Police and security forces did not serve as a feasible target. And as we have observed in history, the enemy is not just an “army”. It is important mechanisms in how money is generated. It is the important people behind the scenes. It is often the visible monuments and bulwarks to a movement. The destruction of symbology is notable and should not be rejected. This was done successfully in history when you look at rioters tearing down statues and destructive bombings.

As I have mentioned before, the “attack” on the Capital building served little to nothing, outside of giving an opportunity for mental midgets to LARP. Sun Tzu was correct that a small force is not advised to take a city. It was not an appropriate objective or tactical position to hold. It was a way to be seen but without actual objectives and a mission, “taking” it was pointless. It was not guaranteed to actually scare anyone into doing anything. Prior successful insurgencies did smaller and more important “attacks”, adding up tactical and PR maneuvers.

I am not the person to push people into violence or anti-“democratic” activities. I frown upon the excitement of breakdowns. But I did want to point out the folly of current events. I think that history has pointed out what was done right, after all, the winners write history. The capital insurrectionists can not count themselves upon those winners.

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