What I’m Reading, Listening to, And Concerned About


Gray Owl Sage speaks about all things jealousy. A deep discussion worth checking out.

O Jealousy, Where did you go?


Rob @ Rob Says teams up with Nick and Bullrush for a round table discussion. Big takeaway, you can do many things, not because of anyone else, but “because f*ck you, that’s why”.

Additional Listening:

Cooper Jakes @ The Flame Within speaks about letting other people “kill you by one thousand cuts” or making tons of concessions. https://anchor.fm/theflamewithin/episodes/Death-by-a-thousand-cuts-e12tvqv

Additional Reading:

Jack @ Sigma Frame speaks about how men and women differ in dealing with issues. Many great discussions. Round pegs and square holes.



Are you winning or just losing less than other side?

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