Every Once In A While, The Bill Maher Squirrel Finds A Nut

I find a certain quality in most smart asses I have ever run into. They find a way to make me laugh, or laugh with me. The vast majority of them help destroy the boring moments and create an unseen catalyst for the rest of our lives. I would never slander a smartass with the label “jester” but just like them, they are needed.

I had grown up exposed to a talented smartass. He is still around today and he has put on some stripes. That man is a comedian/commentator known as Bill Maher. (Yes, the host of Real Time and Politically Incorrect). He has been successful in pissing off conservatives and eventually pissing off liberals. I know many people that can’t stand him. He often seems to pander to the elitist liberal types, but often he runs afoul of them. We have seen one good instance where he pissed off the right people for the right reason.

I am speaking of Maher’s comments about Lin Manuel Miranda’s apology in regards to people wanting more people of color in Miranda’s latest work; In The Heights. I agreed with Maher’s comments and I think that L.M Miranda didn’t owe anyone an apology. (This is a guy that largely did away with white people in his widely acclaimed creation Hamilton).

The nut found by a man who is known to find a reason to whine or skewer is an appropriate one. It is a critique of a quick apology. Maher is correct that the leftist social media elements never seem to stop their bloodlust for bullying. He is correct in expecting another man to pick himself up and stand up, instead of cowering to cowards.

(Please note, Maher has cracked a few jokes that went south and he more or less felt compelled to apologize for them. I wish that he would stand up to the “high pride” communities instead of finding a reason to apologize himself. I don’t feel responsible that other people either can’t comprehend my words or are purposefully finding a way to validate their identity as a victim).

I also agree that Maher was correct to inflict criticism. He didn’t need to “stay in his lane”, contrary to what MSNBC’s Tiffany Cross had said. I think that a person and a community can be considered “equal” when they can face criticism from an outside source with an open mind, instead of an automatic raising of a victim/defense shield. I consider it intellectual honesty, (noted that I had to learn something myself when I read into Scandinavian/Euro issues with the United States).

(Note the joke that someone said: “I killed the last guy that called me violent”).

It takes a level of growth/intelligence to not come out swinging but to ask questions. Self restraint and a way to harness the “low trust/high pride” energy until a more appropriate time comes is a big idea.

Bill Maher might be a blowhard and he works at attempts to elicit a laugh at times, but he is/was on to something. The woke-ists proved his point instead of proving him wrong.

(To challenge a man who does not know his vision of self and see the man without a vision lash out).




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