SSUBR: The Book You Can’t Finish

I wanted to take a polite time out and tell you that I didn’t have a posting for today.

But I was reading Noble Brown’s The White Arrow, it is the one book that gets interrupted with everyday life’s events and work.

It is “fantasy” book, or at least it has been described that way. I was gifted the book.

I enjoyed a cigar while sitting on the curb, attempting to read it. A school bus full of young folks, coupled with some well meaning friendly types seemed to interrupt me.

It is enjoyable while I can. It happens on occasion to me, but just like any other great book, I will finish it.

Thank you, Mr. Brown. We need more authors like you.


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4 Responses to SSUBR: The Book You Can’t Finish

  1. Roman says:

    I totally forgot he’s an author. I liked the guy back when I was on Twitter. I think we followed each other.

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