The Tragedy That We Put On The Disabled

Reflecting back on to interesting days in history, Otto von Bismarck, a man known as the Iron Chancellor passed away July 30th, 1898.

von Bismarck was the central name behind the unification of the German states into the empire of its time. But he was dismissed by Kaiser Wilhelm II in 1890.

One of the weird factoids that we had overlooked about the dismissal was the man who did the dismissing; Kaiser Wilhelm II.

KWII was born with a “tough poker hand”, having a birth that gave him physical issues (palsy) for the rest of his life. Most notably; a deformed arm. There were arguments made that he was treated differently because of this, being viewed as a black sheep of sorts.

(I had read a story about how he had gotten violent with a family member when he was young. KWII was immensely frustrated with other people and the keyboard doctor prognosis would point at him having emotional/mental issues).

Many of these things would affect him as he got older, making it difficult to interact with other people in their aristocratic world.

It shaped his decision making and how he dealt with those around him.

But I strongly doubt that he would have been able to wildly successful in our lifetime, considering he had a series of disabilities that plagued him. The people in our society make a campaign of the disabled and this is a great disservice.

KWII would have been held back by the pity party instead of allowed to discover his talents or natural abilities. He would have been put into a system or put into a PR/marketing babysitting arrangement. (Note: I know of this happening from people I know that have dealt with “advocates” and local agencies).

I think of this to be a tragedy, that we don’t let let the disabled find what they are good at. Along with being pawns to make people feel better about themselves.


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2 Responses to The Tragedy That We Put On The Disabled

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  2. bannedhipster says:

    > KWII would have been held back by the pity party instead of allowed to discover his talents or natural abilities.

    Totally true. I have known two cases of this exact thing. One the “pity party” messed him up, the other just rejected them and became very successful. Every man has his weaknesses, the point is to leverage your strengths.


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