FreeMatt in Review: 7-26 to 7-30

Big difference between enjoyment and escapism. In the meantime, check out this week’s FreeMatt in Review.

The Tragedy That We Put On The Disabled

I speak of a famous and influential “cripple” from history and a lesson that many haven’t learned from him.

SSUBR: The Book You Can’t Finish

I have been a little tied up lately and I couldn’t finish the one book that I wanted to review in.

The Matters w/ Matt: A Jury Full of Friends

A friend hears one thing from someone and sees another. Someone finds out that they got “B.S.’d” in this post.

The Permanent Solution To The Unmeasurable Problem: One Man Killed Suicide

In the depths of a man’s life, he considers all options. But in this darkness, he found a way to kill suicide.

My Case Against “Representing” My Old Crew

I speak about how I can do nothing for an old friend back home. He also wouldn’t do anything for us both but to drag out nostalgia, instead of growing up.

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