FoxNews Misses The Point W/ Their Clickbait Story

“South Carolina authorities arrest ‘Tiger King’ star on DUI suspicion”

It started with a ton of clickbait bullshit.

Many of you miss the real wrong here.

Pulled over for  “defective vehicle equipment”, which is never a vital function for the police. Actual property crimes or people having their liberties aggressed is something they should have been dealing with.

I’ve made the argument that DUIs are not real crimes. It should not be in the realm of the police at all. If someone had their car smashed into; yes. Getting hammered and driving; no.

Contrary to what MADD says, it is a waste of money to deal with drunk drivers (that don’t hurt people/property). It only serves the courts and police.

Never mind the “never was a hitman” babble, he was a dude tying one on. He should be laughed at for his inability to have a properly running car. No need to pull him over.

Get on with your lives; people. Ask the police and their busybody over seers to buzz off. Focus on real crimes.

Carry on. Bless you.

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