2011: The Year I Found Out I Was Wrong

The work was drying up. Our work orders were dwindling. I had already seen a truck load of co workers hauled off like an errant delivery to an oven. (Yes, it felt like this). I survived a few layoffs and horrific tornados.

I remember the emails I received request I complete my background check for a job I put in for. The storms had hit their business too, it took a while for the one HR person to get back with me. I completed it and sat waiting.

My boss got a phone call to confirm my info. I was embarrassed but he was happy for me. It wasn’t that long before I put my two weeks notice in. Both of my shops had burgers for lunch on my last day, I was touched. It was an honor to work with them. (I occasionally see some of those folks at the shop when I stop by).

When I started my new job, it was a shock of sorts. I enjoyed the amount of effort that the company put in for our training. The people that did our initial training did a good job and were great communicators, which was something that was missing at times with others. I learned real quick that this wasn’t a normal condition in our plant.

I made it to one of the more desirable units. Our training was done with some sharp folks. I liked the unit and I looked forward to hitting six figures in a short amount of time. I ended up getting moved to another unit after a few weeks, due to a man power shortage.

I ended up in paradise. I worked next to the river, often working in a remote control room over the river itself. The weather was often awesome when it was warm or cold. The job wasn’t hard. But dealing with others and having some type of a professional drive were strikes against me.

I learned in 2011 that I was doing no better than the kind of assholes that collect a check for 30 years. I didn’t pull the chord. I hung on through a torrent of idiot events and missed connections. I found myself getting fired years later, but it was I that was wrong. Looking back, my approach at a professional life, my degree choice, and my expectations were off. It was a mark in time where I found out I was wrong about many things.

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