Make Your Violence Have A Point

Showing up to a protest used to mean something. You needed the press or the opportunity to spread your message. It didn’t matter if it was leftist students protesting the Vietnamese war or a fascist worker’s organization in Italy driving some point. You might have expected that someone might show up and crack some heads, either from the opposition or from a vanguard of your own people. It was understood that violence was something that might happen. But the violence needed to mean something or at least have a point.

Before we jump at conclusions, I personally want people to work their asses off before they leap to committing to violence. I think that the vast majority of times I have seen something light off was caused by a breakdown in communication, morons, or an inability to use their other resources. It seldom was to their advantage to get into, hence the title of this article:

Make Your Violence Have A Point

You need to actually have something to gain from it. Destroying an actual enemy, degrading their capabilities, or some combination of odd gains apply here. (It is often more than ego, ingroup strutting, or petulant money grabbing fundraising outside of your organization).

I scratch my head when I observe groups and people engage in violence without an actual aim or gain. Taking potshots at an asshole in broad daylight, instead of finding a more appropriate well thought of ambush point is a great example. Patriot groups (and LARPers) showing up at someone else’s protest to scuffle is another great example. The media and associated lackeys have a low opinion of them to begin with, to give ammo to an enemy is moronic.

Violence, without an actual tangible goal, serves nothing. One can make an argument that your troops need to gain experience, but I seldom have seen modern examples of how this has been set in to motion. (I am “ambivalent” about the concept of black bloc groups getting their fresher personnel adjusted to dehumanizing cops and committing vandalism).

The traditional reasons for committing violence made a lot of sense when you needed something, like robbing a bank to get funding for your movement. An actual tactical decision, like blowing up an opposing club’s house during church, is another. But roughing up people and not actually discouraging them from staying in a movement isn’t one.

I could spin on and on but I stick with what I said: Make Your Violence Have A Point

But sure as hell don’t be under the delusion that people will think you are a valiant hero for doing what James Fields did, if your actions don’t serve anything, besides a cheap thrill.

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