Down But Not Out…(Messages From A Black Hole)

I had spent an enormous time on a flight to an undisclosed location.

The flight wasn’t bad, most people were courteous enough to not fly sick or stand on top of you. People at the airport were tolerant of a smaller level of ignorance. Did my best to not screw things up and present the correct paperwork.

The “kicker” is when I got to my destination. I was put into a tracking system. I was handed off to a minder and only allowed to go to certain places, more or less banned from going to a restaurant.

I finally made it to one of my destinations, just to hurry up and wait like I was in the military again. Sh*tloads of paperwork, waiting, etc. I was worried that someone was going to gank my luggage.

Clueless people leading the clueless. I was handed off to a certain group of clueless people that led me into something worse than my experience in bootcamp; quarantine.

Led around like cattle into our room, which lacks anything we might need for what I hope is a one day stay. (Towels, cups, plates, wash cloths, cutlery, etc). There isnt bottled water, we were supplied Fanta and snacks. Unhealthy at best. They bring food by, it isnt terrible but it isnt great. We all sit on the floor because someone removed all of the chairs, but left the tables and desks.

it feels like a watered down prison at best. I made lukewarm instant coffee using tap water. We are still waiting for breakfast like really stupid lab rats.

We are hoping to dip soon when we get medical results. I hope that it is less than a day away, considering we had an “agreement” that we wouldn’t have to stick around. (Of course, no one can read the paperwork, especially people that can read English).

Im “down” but not “out”. This is the dumbest “prison” experience I have ever had to understand.


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