The Tenacity of A Hellacious Bluster

I am a very deliberative person. I find myself taking a minute to think of a proper response to what people say to me or taking a few seconds to craft a good joke in response to what people say to me. It usually comes out received or accepted. It isn’t always the “crash and burn” that it used to be.

But on occasion, I steer off the beaten path and throw something out there outlandish/hyperbolic, it is usually received on either end of the “poles”, enduring laughs or derision. (Often the derision is from those that have no concept of hyperbolic humor or they are the thinned skinned types, screw’em).

Just like my biggest risks and blusters (like picking up women), I have gotten the biggest responses from the big gambles in life.

I know of a silly gamble that fell short but reminded me of something I would have tried to pull off:

Bresnahan’s Potato/Ball Switcheroo

Although this wasn’t during my adult years, this happened during my lifetime. I had seen a screwball reference to the same type of play in an episode of Doctor Quinn Medicine Woman. Bresnahan was a minor league baseball player, who didn’t exactly have long term prospects of playing full time in the majors, that pulled off a substitute ball pick off play.

He used a potato in place of an actual ball. It was considered a prank and the ump was quick to find out the truth.

Bresnahan got fined and found himself released from the team. It wasn’t a big gamble for someone not too serious about playing big league baseball, but it could be for a guy shooting to the top.

But for someone looking for a great laugh, it might be worth coughing up the $50.


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