Something About Broads Named “Autumn”

One More From The Road was a notable live album from Lynyrd Skynyrd that many of my friends ribbed me about after they found it in my cd collection.

My friends generally turned their noses up at most of the music I listened to at the time. But they failed to see what their music meant as we started disappearing bit by bit.

We had one last jam, party, and sad soliloquy during our time on the ship.

I had one last jam session and encore performance. It cemented the rest of my life and a start of a grand journey. It started at a now demolished Village Inn restaurant near Jacksonville Beach FL.

My father and I were starting our long drive to my current location with a decent meal. I always had a decent meal at the VI. The servers knew of a few of my friends somewhat and it was near the terminus of the infamous I-10.

Our food was good and the service was excellent. Our server was a pleasant creature named “Autumn” who had a comfortable set of breasts and beautiful makeup that followed a pretty smile. She was the right kind of flirt that could shark a decent tip.

Autumn stirred something in the back of my weird memory:

I always had a weird relationship with “broads” named Autumn.

I had a chick who I used to call “my future ex-wife” who was named “T. Autumn”. Her sassy Mona Lisa style smile and shit talkin’ mouth was unforgettable. I do miss seeing her around, last time I checked she was wrecking Massachusetts these days.

There was a cute chick (19 years old) from a nearby area that stabbed another teenager over some petty bullshit at a party years ago. Her name was Autumn and she was an unrepentant handful.

It wasn’t a common first name but the women I knew connected to it were also uncommon.

VI’s greatest server never got her due for making a sad end of one journey seem better. She marked what felt like the long live version of Free Bird of my life. It was a jam.

(Please note: One More From The Road was a big live album from Skynyrd’s classic era, right before the crash).

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2 Responses to Something About Broads Named “Autumn”

  1. Dude, you’re right—I don’t think I’ve met a normal Autumn.

    Gotta love Skynyrd. I went through a period around 2006-2008ish where I stopped listening to classic rock radio because I couldn’t hear Lynyrd Skynyrd without thinking about a girl I was love-sick over. Talk radio filled the void. Then I got over myself (and her) and started rocking out again.

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