When A Whirlwind Relationship Blows Off Course

A smarter man once told me to not let a one night stand last two nights. I failed to adhere to that decent advice. An enlightened man once told me to avoid a “no night stand” altogether, leaving an alley shag in the alley. I never went to that level but I may in the future.

I was a sucker for a friend setting me up with one of their coworkers, which was wrong to begin with but I was at a weakened state at the time.

(This was the mention of Midwest Express in my post : https://freemattpodcast.wordpress.com/2021/06/12/navy-story-a-warning-to-other-men/).

Looking past her red flags, something stuck out post-mortem. The ugliest thing that stuck out is that I could see the fork in the road, of my future, and she wasn’t coming along. I made positive overtures to save a sinking ship and not only did she not grab a proverbial bucket, she played Nearer My God To Thee as if it was the right thing to do. I don’t think she did this out of any malice but that she was that uncomfortable with the potential change.

In the long run, I felt a level of disrespect from her. I didn’t think that she took my ideas serious, often just nodding and smiling. No questions or input. She had never knew a man with any type of goals or dreams. I was a ghost or a foreigner to her. And she ended up treating me as so.

She came crawling back to me after we split and I didn’t see the appeal, especially someone that couldn’t respect the concept of “us” or my outlook for the future.

I had added the below quote I had found digging around in the RPW subreddit and the “The Red Pill” archive. I had mediocre unimaginative sex just about all the time, but I never received the right type of respect that would have made me her man.

I will never make that mistake again. Respect.


“Men have two things that they require like air: respect and sex.”


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