FreeMatt in Review: 9-6 to 9-10

Making hay and watching “Warthogs”. In the meantime, check out this week’s FreeMatt in Review.

When A Whirlwind Relationship Blows Off Course

I couldn’t continue on with a relationship when I noticed that a woman didn’t respect my views or respect “us”. Read about the story in the link below.

Rules For Thee, Not For Me

I share a humorous story about a church youth group trip and how tedious rules don’t apply to everyone.

Fare Thee Well; Brother. Fare Thee Well

We forgot how to celebrate when others graduate, move on, and leave for greener pastures. I talk about it further in this post.

What Was 20 Years Ago: The 9-11 Post

Twenty years later, 9-11 was an interesting and dark time, but it had a weird silver lining. It was a turning point in my four year military haul.


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